Monday, August 4, 2008


We went to EdVenture on Saturday, the local children's museum. they had these grabby things to build with in the construction area, so being the good DeeZee's we are, we left our mark!

More Friday Night Frolic!

Dee, with her SC magnet and notepaper!
Stephanie with a new Palmetto State coffee cup and a Flamingo pen!

Grayson, Meredith and Leslie, along with our lovely gift baskets filled with Hawaiian goodies from Caryl Segawa in Hawaii! YUM!
Group shot!
L to R (back row): Leslie, Melodie, Sharon, Dee, Kate, Heather, Stephanie
front row: Suzy, Lorraine, Meredith

Sisterhood Exchange

Conner and Grayson helping Meredith open her gift!
Kate and Suzy watch Lorraine excitedly open her gift! Can coozies!!
Cute sorority girl pose! (Kate and Lorraine)

Melodie with her gift, a pink shirt from Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC (J-Vegas!)

Happy Hour and Sisterhood Exchange!

Heather, Melodie, Leslie and Dee.
Neal playing with the light saber!
L to R (back row); Stephanie, Heather, Sharon, Melodie, Denise, Dee
front row: Leslie, Meredith, Lorraine, Suzy
Sisterhood Exchange - Heather, Melodie and Stephanie. Heather got the cutest pink baseball from the Greenville Drive, the minor league team in Greenville, SC.
Grayson and Meredith wait for Leslie to open her gift!
More snacks!!

Cute sorority girl poses!

Conner, Neal, Grayson and Meredith Simpson!
Heather, Melodie and Leslie!
Denise and Suzy!
Stephanie and Jerry!
Heather and Melodie!
Dee enjoying a snack!

Friday August 1, 2008 - Surfing Sisters Reunion!!!!

Suzy and Heather checking the forum on Friday...who's coming, when will they be here????

The start of the never ending parade of food!