Monday, December 15, 2008

Fourteen years old.... almost as tall as mom...

...and still eating! LOL!! Danged kids...they grow and eat and grow and eat...

If I stopped feeding them social services would juts show up on my doorstep, and that would only lead to more problems, it wouldn't solve the "eating and growing problem" I guess we'll just keep feeding them till they fly the coop!

Today I have taught a water aerobics class, taught a swim class, gone to the store, washed the laundry, helped the boys bake cookies (slice and bake, mind you!), made charitable donations for others for Christmas, finished the family Christmas letter, printed about 40 copies of the letter, (oh and had to go get ink for the printer before I could print them!) and tonight I hope to start on the wrapping o' presents. Can't do THAT till after everyone has gone to bed!

We had our Sunday School class party on Saturday night...GREAT food, lots of laughs! CAP party tomorrow night, the boys have the youth party at church on Wednesday night, and Ken's work party on Thursday night. Friday we get a break and then a neighborhood party on Saturday night (grownups only, I am SO excited!).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

this post has no title.

My son Ryan needs to grow up and be a massage therapist. OMG, he gives the best back runs to his mommy!!!

It is raining (again) in SC and is a very blah day. We have the Chrsitmas tree up but it only has the lights on it so far. Too many other things going on to get it decorated. We wqould have finished it on sunday but I had to run Trey over to the dr. at FOrt Jackson...he slipped in the kitchen and fgell, hitting his arm on the edge of the counter as he went down. Not a big deal but last time he broke his arm, he had the similar "it hurts but it doesn't hurt" kind of a pain.

Since he wasn't feeling any better after an hour or so we went off to the dr. His arm was not broken, but it was a fright for a minute!

Sunday School class Christmas party this Saturday, neighborhood party next Saturday. YAY for babysitters!

We are also collecting food this Saturday for our homeschool support group food drive for Harvest Hope. I sure hope everyone on our block got thier flyers, and read them AND will leave us a donation.