Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Space Camp :(

We got the rejection letters in the mail this week for the scholarships the boys had applied for to go to Space Camp in Alabama this summer. They were very disappointed but seem to have recovered nicely.

Ryan will still be attending the Challenger Learning Center Space Camp here in Columbia, and Trey is going to SC Wing CAP Encampment as well, so all is not lost! Ryan is also going to a golf clinic/camp with a friend of his. It is at Fort Jackson and my lovely friend Becky will take the boys every day, since I will be teaching swimming again this summer at the JCC. Her house is on the way to the JCC so all I have to do is drop Ryan off at her house every day and pick him up.

The boys are also on the Summit Swim Team again this summer so we have plenty to keep us busy despite the fact that they are not going to the "big" camp.

Monday, May 5, 2008

the BEACH!!!

Ah, sun, sand, and surf, what more could you want?!

Kennedy Space Center...

...was only about an hour away from Daytona Beach, so I took the kids on Saturday. they had a great time and enjoyed both of the 3D was about the moon and the second was about the International Space Station. They got to experiece what a Shuttle Launch feels like and we learned about robots and even saw a kids show "Mad Mission to Mars", which Ryan got to participate in!!

Ken in Daytona

This is why we went...Ken was a judge for the JROTC championships...the top picture is Ken standing at attention, waiting for one of the color guard teams to start. Then he is conferring with other judges, and then there is the line of service members walking to the center of the floor to start the knock out drill. Knock out is when they give a series of commands and tap you out if you do not perform the command the correct way or you are no in the correct position. It was fun to watch, the Army Drill Sergeants and the Marine Drill Instructors were really going after the cadets! LOL!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

when you try to do the right thing....

...and it bites you on the hiney!!

Ya know, I try to do the right thing, really I do.

Can I have my bad moments? Sure, of course I can, but lately as far as I can figure, I haven't had a bad moment, at least when I was trying, ON PURPOSE to do the WRONG thing.

But you can't please everyone all the time and apparently I have to learn my lesson. Oh, wow, that hurt (not really). Lesson learned. Boo-hoo, oh wait, I'm over it!

I always get happy when something good happens to someone I know, I don't get jealous...well, maybe a little,in a good way, but I have had plenty of good things happen to me that I don't hold it against anyone when a nice thing happens :)

And I really hate it when I get misunderstood and something simple gets bent all out of proportion and taken the wrong way, especially when it was completely unintentional, trying ON PURPOSE to do the RIGHT thing.

So, I sit here at Daytona Beach, enjoying the HECK out of it, because my husband serves his country with pride and has for 18 years, because my husband is so good at what he does he that he was hand picked to come here, and knowing in my heart of hearts, my intentions were only good. I didn't lie, cheat, or steal, and because this is my blog, I vent can away, ROFL!!!

Because, really, who reads this silly thing any way, besides my family??? Maybe a few close friends....or my sorority sisters, who qualify as family AND close friends!!

It is time to put the kiddos to bed on our last night at the beach. Ken is till at the awards ceremony and then we head for SC bright and early tomorrow morning, poor guy...he has to go back to work at 0-dark-thirty on Tuesday morning.

Daytona Beach!!!

We must head home tomorrow from the beach :(

We have been having a great time, even Ken, even though he has been WORKING all weekend. He didn't even have his crackberry on him all weekend, it was like he was untethered, lol!!!

The whole reason we are here is the National High School JROTC Drill Team Championships. A bunch of DSL's from Fort Jackson came down to judge, along with Marine Corps DIs along with the AF and Navy. They give the family members a good deal on the hotel and we bought a meal plan so we can eat with our soldier and spend some time seeing them, since they are WORKING all weekend.

I was able to take the boys to Kennedy Space Center for a day which they thought was pretty cool.

And we were able to play on the beach Friday and Sunday, yay!!! Plenty of cute boy pictures to post when we get home...although I have 2 swim lessons and stroke clinic on Tuesday and CAP on Tuesday night! ACK!!