Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catching up...

See, I knew when I started this I would have issues keeping it updated! LOL!!

We have started back with everything full swing this first full week of January. Boys are back to all their school work (not so joyfully I might add!). Ken is back to work as well, and I am back with everything I include swim lessons and water aerobics.

I am teaching a "seasoned citizen" how to swim at the JCC and I am so excited for her. She never learned to swim, is very afraid of the water but she is bound and determined to learn how, as well as conquer that fear. she goes to water aerobics classes and loves them but cannot do any of the exercises where you take your feet off the pool floor because she is afraid she will go under and then what?!

Our homeschool stroke clinic (basic swim team practice) is going well, and we will offer homeshool swim lessons in the mornings beginning next month. I just couldn't start it ALL this month, lol!!!

The boys still volunteer at the library on Tuesday mornings for an hour each, we have started back with AWANA on Wednesday nights, and Tuesday nights Trey is still attending Civil Air Patrol. Because of some issues with his previous squadron, he was earning rank without all the requirements being finished...we knew that was not right but his former squadron commander didn't care, or didn't even believe we knew what we were talking about. So, this month he has to play catch up with some of the requirements for his ranks, but I am confident he will have a positive outcome.

And I get to vote in my first South Carolina Primary election next weekend!

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