Friday, February 8, 2008


Well, not much has been going on to blog about.

The boys are keeping me busy with swimming and CAP and church (Awana)and volunteering at the library.

Travis has started his home, that is! LOL!! He enjoys it but we are very low key about it all. We are working on writing letters and learning numbers (he knows most of the numbers but needs to know how to write them), and working thru Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. With Travis they are mostly easy lessons but sometimes I get "this is hard" from him.

We took Trey to Walmart in January for his school/13 year old picture. Got them back the other day and I need to post them here. He is turning into a fine looking young man, and a TALL one at that! He comes up to my glasses now, it won't be long before he is as tall as I am, then TALLER!!

We found an interesting item online the other children of a member of the military the boys are both eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama! Ryan went to a local space camp in Columbia last summer at the Challenger Learning Center and had a really great time! He is hoping to go again this summer but if he gets this scholarship, the CLC will pale in comparison! The boys have to write an essay on why they think they should be selected for a scholarship, their future goals, their volunteer work, their "after camp" plans and thier patriotism. The essays have to be submitted in their own handwriting, so we are rough drafting them on the computer and then they can write the finished product on paper.

Ken was supposed to go to Combatives Level 2 this week but there was a mix up and when he showed up on Monday there was only a Level 1 class for was a blessing in disguise because he ended up sick sick sick this week! Stuffy, runny, congested, coughing, the works. The rest of us are doing the best to avoid getting it...we have a little scratchy throat or runny nose but it feels more like allergies...who knows?!

It will be interesting to see if they are selected, as well as to see if the BOTH get chosen.I had ro ask Ken if he was ok with them going for 8 days to Alabama without us...I didn't want them to work on the essay and then get chosen if the paretns were uneasy with them going that far alone! LOL!! They aslo have to have 2 references, so we need to get thsoe taken care of too.

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