Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Space Camp :(

We got the rejection letters in the mail this week for the scholarships the boys had applied for to go to Space Camp in Alabama this summer. They were very disappointed but seem to have recovered nicely.

Ryan will still be attending the Challenger Learning Center Space Camp here in Columbia, and Trey is going to SC Wing CAP Encampment as well, so all is not lost! Ryan is also going to a golf clinic/camp with a friend of his. It is at Fort Jackson and my lovely friend Becky will take the boys every day, since I will be teaching swimming again this summer at the JCC. Her house is on the way to the JCC so all I have to do is drop Ryan off at her house every day and pick him up.

The boys are also on the Summit Swim Team again this summer so we have plenty to keep us busy despite the fact that they are not going to the "big" camp.

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Lori said...

I know how the disappointment feels. The girls didn't get selected for the Operation Purple camp. Its kindda hard when you get your hopes up for something like that, but like you said, being busy with other things will pass the time!