Friday, October 24, 2008

Wow, twice in one month!

T his is the picture I have on my phone when Ken is 18 months old, but I think it captures the essence of him perfectly!

Travis was playing in his Cubbie room one night at church, waiting for me to come pick him up. I think this was the first night of Awana this year. I had no idea they had a Home Depot uniform in the room but he was just so cute!

This is the most recent picture of Trey and Ryan! Taken about 2 weeks ago on THEIR new cell phone...yeah, I did it. This is what comes up on my phone when they call me. Ryan really isn't that much shorter than Trey he was leaning over a little on the back of a chair.

Trey - August 2008. We stopped to eat at IHOP after taking my mom and dad to the airport in Charlotte, NC. We were up and out of the house very early, so I promised them breakfast. Hey, mom's gotta eat too!

Ryan at IHOP

Travis with Mawgaw and Papa. I should have edited that lady's face out but I am lazy. This was at the Richland County Public Library's Junior Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. Both of the boys have been volunteering at out local library once a week since shortly after we moved to Columbia. they got a certificate and ice cream sundaes...which one do you think they enjoyed more, lol?!
Summer is REALLY over has rained all day and the high only got to 54 today. However, we are planning to go to Daytona again in May and I am SO looking forward to it. Is that bad???? The dates are already on the website for the National JROTC Drill Team Championships, and Ken and I both want to go again. I would like to take the boys to Disney World for one day while we are there, but I'll have to see if that works out. One day is just not enough for DW but it may be the only chance we get. Guess I better teach a bunch of swim lessons this spring if we want to go! LOL!!!

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