Friday, September 18, 2009

Allergies and stuff

Sounds like the name of a store!

Travis started it earlier in the week and I followed suit. One web site said grass and weed pollen was high, another one was more specific, with ragweed and sagebrush. Can't wait for spring when the mulberry starts up! And we though SC was bad with pine pollen!

Made a list with Ken last night of the things we want to do before he leaves, since we assumed (incorrectly) we would have a little more time to do stuff. This weekend we are going to visit Cattleman's Steakhouse @ Indian Cliffs Ranch near Fabens, TX. Good food and fun little things to do...playground, animals, Indian maze, etc, They were even featured on Man Vs. Food!!

Boys are going to Battle Cry today, so I must get in the shower. BC is a program thru the chaplains' office that is for 6th thru 12th graders. They do a Bible Study, have lunch and play games. The Friday morning edition is for homeschoolers so they get to hang out with other homeschool kids their age!
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Lori said...

so about how much time do you have? will he make any holiday at home?