Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Long Countdown begins

Blog texting from my IS cool but it encourages my laziness!

Ken left last night for another playdate in the sandbox. We got home after midnight from the drop off...not a dry eye in the house and some boys to console. Trey and Ryan put up the birthday decor for Travis and we spent today at Chuck E. Cheese. The things we parents won't subject ourselves to for our kids!! Grandma and Grandpa came as well as two of the cousins, which was nice.

I think we'll spend Thanksgiving in NM, and have to make some plans for Trey's birthday too. Seems like it all is coming down @ once...gotta remember to get the boys to CAP, and swim team practices, and feed them too! Can we live on pizza for a year??
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Heather said...

How long will Ken be gone this time around?

Leslie said...

Been thinking about you, honey. Call if ever want to talk/cry/whatever! Hugs BG :)