Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Travis!!

Today we celebrated Travis' 4th birthday!!

I took the boys to the Children's Museum in Columbia...EdVenture. I t is very hands on and we all had a good time. they have so much to see and do, it is hard to remember everything we did! they have a HUGE replica of a 10 year old boy, Eddie, you can crawl in and around...sort of like a McDonald's playland, but you can see all the organs inside the body.

They have a kid sized grocery store, a fire truck with kid sized uniforms to put on, a building/construction area with mega blocks, a West African themed area, with a jungle; a tv studio, a music room, oh my, there was so much to see and do!!! Of course, the kids favorite part was ordering MCDonald's for order thru a phone, and they can see you on a place your order, the receipt comes out of the machine, you pay the cashier at the counter and in about 5 minutes they deliver your food from the McDonald's across the street. I asked the delivery guy if the made him walk, and he told me they use a scooter.

Ken got home from work about the same time we did from the museum. Travis had his birthday nap and then we got pizza for dinner and had cake and ice cream and presents!!

A good time was had by all and now we get ready for Thanksgiving. Just the 5 of us, a quiet but pleasant day is planned. Ken is ready for a day off and I think the kids are ready for a day or two off of school! Not that they did much school work today anyway! LOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Travis!!!!!

Love, Aunt Terri