Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trey's CAP activities!!

Saturday, March 8, Trey won his category in the SC CAP Wing Speak Off!!!
He had a to give speech in the 3-5 minute category, on an aerospace topic. He chose the History of Flight. He did all the research, wrote a brief paper to create his speech from, then condensed and practiced for a week. He had about 2 weeks to prep for the whole thing.

He and the winner in the 5-7 minute category will now get to go to the Middle East Region Wing conference in VA next month to compete again! What an exciting event!!!
We have not yet decided who will take him to the conference, dad or mom...I think it depends on dad's work schedule.

Last week we mailed off the applications for the Space Camp scholarships, we should hear back about those sometime in May.


Anonymous said...

congratulations Trey!

Lori said...

way to go, trey!!!

Aunt Terri said...

That is so awesome Trey!!!