Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trey's 13th birthday picture

Finally, here is the picture we had done for Trey's 13th birthday.
Thanks to all who have offered their congratulations to him for winning his CAP Speak Off category!! The regional competition is next month, and hopefully dad will get to take him.

Now that I have Trey's picture posted, it is almost time to get Ryan's 1th birthday pictures taken, lol!! We are planning a mini golf party at the Fort Jackson miniature golf course. Pizza, sodas, golfing, friends, what more could you ask for?! At least in SC, we are nearly guaranteed to have good weather! Now we have to pick a theme and get all the party goods. Did I mention how much I love living in a city that has a Party City store?!

I have been teaching a LOT of extra water aerobics classes, and have picked up more swim lessons as well. I have 2 different adults I am teaching to swim, both are ladies in their 70s who have never learned and now is their time! They are too cute and so sweet!

We will spend Easter at home, Ken is cooking steaks! YUM! Along with some papas (a potato recipe he got from Uncle Steve), salad, a few appetizers, and cheesecake for dessert. A non-conformist Easter dinner but it will be delish!!

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