Friday, April 25, 2008

The weekend and beyond...

Well, Ken and Trey have arrived in Richmond, VA, for the CAP Middle East Region Speak Of. thanks to all who helped sponsor Trey for his trip and as soon as I know how he did I will try and post it. the competion begins Saturday at 3 PM. Trey has been practicing his speech, many many times, both in front of others and to himself, so he has it memorized.

Ryan is having a friend over tonight and we are looking forward to a night of pizza and bionicles! LOL!! I am teaching to classes back to back tomorrow and then we have church on Sunday. I thought I would get a break this weekend, with 2 of the men being gone, but I guess no such luck!

We are going to Daytona Beach next weekend!!! Ken is a judge at the National JROTC Drill Team Championships and the family gets to tag along for a very much discounted price. With things being the way they are, and Ken going to ANCOC this summer, this will probably be the only vacation we get.

We are also looking at getting a new-to-us car... I love the Excursion but I don't see gas prices ever coming back down. And next time we move we'll have 2 cars (I always forget about Ken's truck!). I have been looking online and poring over Consumer Reports...I happen to love the look of the new Ford Flex ( but they are not at the dealerships yet...maybe by the end of May....then again, maybe not!

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