Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching up...a little

It has been a busy summer in our house!
Swim team, teaching swim lessons, water aerobics, a new transmission in Ken's truck (ick!).

We also finally purchased a new vehicle for the family...gas prices were getting the better of us, so while I loved the Excursion, we are now the new owners of this... a 2009 Ford Flex!!! Some cool features like Sync and satellite radio, and better gas mileage than what we were getting. It isn't a Prius, but that's ok. It has enough room for all of us and a little extra and that new car smell!! LOL!!

The boys have their final swim meet this weekend, the Columbia City Meet, where ALL the swimmers compete. Ryan swam today, and took a few seconds off of each of his swim times and Trey swims tomorrow.

Monday is back to the routine... water aerobics, swim lessons, catching up on housework and schoolwork and getting ready for a TON of Delta Zeta alumnae to descend on Columbia in 2 weeks!! We are having a Surfing Sisters Reunion and my home will be our hub. Some of them re staying here for the weekend and I am getting SO psyched for it!!!

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very cool!