Saturday, December 1, 2007

ACK! I am the mother of a teenager!!!

So, our oldest, our first born, our BABY has now turned 13!!!!! Really, it is not all that bad, it's not like he turned into a creepy monster on his birthday, lol!!!
Thursday was the big day, Ken had to work and I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for that morning, so none of that could be helped.
The boys spent the morning at a friends house, which I guess beats having to do a full day of schoolwork! I tried to go to the PX, since I was alone, but that was a HUGE day (the day before basic training graduation) plus Christmas shoppers, PLUS lunch time made for one craaaaazy PX!!
We also had swimming that afternoon, so after swimming we picked up some pizzas for dinner and than had cake and ice cream and presents at home.
Today was the BIG party...Trey and his friends played paintball. We had a total of 8, including Ken and another dad. A good time was had by all, except Travis who could not understand why HE couldn't play paintball. We had more pizza for lunch and took cupcakes and sodas for everyone out to the paintball area. Everyone has some good stories to share now about paintball, and a few welts on their bodies to show for it!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, he's getting to be so big! Happy Birthday Trey!! You have brought much joy these 13 years!

Aunt Terri