Sunday, December 30, 2007

Washington DC Family Trip, December 2007

Travis outside of the Washington Monument.

This is all of us at the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. Ken has been bugging me to get the pix on the blog, so now that I am done writing Christmas cards, creating the family Christmas letter, addressing said Christmas cards, making cute Christmas-y return address labels, and having the kids lick and seal all the cards (AHEM!) I can update the blog with our pix from the vacation.

I was cold but no rain and no snow which we were thankful for. We drove up on a Monday, it took about 7 hours (including bathroom breaks). we stayed in Arlington, VA at the Holiday Inn which was a block from the Metro Station. The boys all loved the Metro, Trey figured it out quickly, and everyone else just got on the train we told them to get on. the kids ate free every time we ate in the cafe in our hotel, which saved us a bunch of $$$$. They had a great breakfast of eggs, bacon or sausage, toast or biscuit, cereal, milk and juice.

Day 1 - We took the Metro in to DC, and went to the National Archives first off. We then discovered the National Mall was right there, so instead of one of the museums, we went to the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War and the Vietnam War Veterans Memorials. After a stop off for coffee and hot chocolate, and then later on some lunch, we walked a bit and then headed back to our hotel.

We thought there was not much in the way of food near our hotel but the second day we looked on the other side of the Metro station and there was a bunch of restaurants, some snack/treat places, fast food, and even a Rite Aid all within the building where the metro was or right near by. The kids were fascinated with the 3 story McDonald's!


Anonymous said...

Sharon has been very busy since our return, with Christmas, unpacking, kids, JCC, etc. I have been just as busy with football, naps, and eating what she bakes..

Anonymous said...

What fantastic pictures!! It looks like it was a great family trip and learning experience for the boys!

Please give my love to everyone!