Friday, December 28, 2007

Catching up from Christmas!

I knew some days it would be an issue for me to update the blog, but then again I have no idea how many of you (or how few of you) are even reading it!

We ended up taking our planned, then cancelled, then quickly rescheduled trip to Washington DC and seeing most of the sights...all within the week before Christmas! We had a good time but were all in bed each night by 9PM, with all the walking we did! thank goodness I start shopping for Christmas in July!!! When we got back on 12/23, everything was wrapped, decorated and done, all we needed to do was stock the fridge, at least to keep us fed for a few days. I did go to Walmart on 12/24 but it was early enough I avoided most of the crowds.

Christmas was really nice, quiet and low key (or about as low key as you can get with three boys in the house, plus their dad!). Lots of snacks around courtesy of gifts from Ken's sister and BIL, and my brother and SIL. Ken spent most of the day installing his new XM satellite radio in his truck and playing around with his new impact wrench, waiting for Home Depot to open on 12/25 so he could get more gadgets to go with the impact wrench.

The boys played with new toys, put together their Legos and Bionicles and pondered how to spend their cash and gift cards!! They are finally comprehending the idea that mom doesn't go shopping anywhere the week between Christmas and New Year's if she can help it!

At this point I am printing out our Christmas letter, to go in the Christmas cards I have not mailed. If you sent us a card this year, yours should be on the way least by the first week of January! LOL!!!

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